Religious School (Grades K-6)


For the 2023-2024 school year, we will offer religious school on all three campuses, virtually, and in your home (Dor L'Door)! Please see below for days, times, and locations. 



Wilshire and Hobart

Grades K-6: Sundays, 9 am-12 pm




Olympic and Barrington

Grades K-6: Sundays, 9 am-12 pm




Sunset and Saltair

Grades K-2: Sundays, 9 am-12 pm
Grades 3-6: Sundays, 9 am-12 pm
(Students in grades 3-6 will arrive at Resnick by 8:30 am to take a fun-filled, staff supervised bus to the Irmas Campus, and will return to the Resnick Campus by 12:25 pm)


Grades K-6: Wednesdays, 4-6:30 pm 


Virtual Option:

Grades 3-6: Mondays from 4:30-6 pm
(Must have minimum student enrollment)

Dor L'Door:

Available for students in grades 3-6
In-Home Private or In-Home Semi-Private (Maximum 6 students in the same grade)
At a time and location that is convenient for your group

Frequently Asked Questions: