Grades 9-12

Jewish engagement doesn’t end after B’nei Mitzvah and we have so many opportunities for teens to stay involved! Whether you are looking for something on a regular basis or less frequently, academically-focused or more socially-oriented, something that pays or a program geared toward giving back, there is something for everyone.

Special Programs

What They Don't Teach Your Teens

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“What They Don’t Teach Your Teen” is a workshop with four independent sessions (attend however many you want) designed to instruct teenagers (and their parents and loved ones) from the Los Angeles teen community about life safety skills. The goal is to keep teens out of harm’s way and avoid inadvertently causing harm to others—emotionally, physically, and ultimately, perhaps, legally. The workshop is appropriate for Grades 8-12.

The three remaining sessions will cover:

Safer Police Interactions and Your Rights

Irmas: Wednesday, January 10, 6:30-8pm

Digital Safety

Irmas: Wednesday, February 7, 6:30-8pm

Head on a Swivel: Situational Awareness, Avoiding Violence and Staying Safe

Irmas: Wednesday, April 11, 6:30-8pm

Past events: Sexual Consent and Teen Dating Violence

Each session lasts 90 minutes (including time for a question-and-answer segment) and is interactive. During the presentations, attendees participate in real-time on the potentially life- and liberty-saving issues and circumstances being covered. The workshop is for parents or teens by themselves, but ideal for parents and their teens to attend together. Los Angeles City Attorney, and What They Don’t Teach series facilitator, Jonathan Cristall provides a prosecutor’s perspective on teaching teens about their rights, privacy, and safety.

Cost: $18 per session

Irmas Campus: 11661 W. Olympic Boulevard · Los Angeles, CA · 90064

Teen Retreat

Save the Weekend:

November 2-4, 2018

“You should go on the retreat because it’s really fun. You might think you’ll feel uncomfortable during the retreat but everyone said what they wanted to say. You really learn a lot and the Mirons put the info out perfectly.”

The greatest gift you can give your teen at the very moment they need it the most! This revolutionary retreat is exactly what every parent dreams of for their child. Using Jewish philosophy as a backdrop, frank, open, and honest discussions about relationship dynamics, sex, emotional and physical safety, and the complexity of the often-conflicting messages and feelings that naturally arise in teen relationships are at the core of this program. Providing the ultimate environment of safety, professionals and teens explore some of the most challenging topics and questions facing teens today and the results positively impact their life decisions forever.

“[The retreat] is so informative and helpful. I learned more in one day at camp than I did in a year of sex ed in school!”

“The retreat was really fun. In the beginning I didn’t think I would like it but then after being here for the whole weekend and meeting new friends, it was really worth it and I’m glad I came.”

Whether they go willingly or grudgingly, by the end of the first night, each and every teen participant reports that the experience was not at all what they anticipated and already had a profoundly positive and significant impact on their thinking.

“You learn stuff that you didn’t think you were going to learn and it’s actually going to come in handy later in life.”

“It’s information you need to know and it’s better than parents telling you this stuff!”

Weekly Programs


Students become paid classroom assistants during WBT Religious School. They may choose to come on Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings (Irmas Campus only). Participants will receive responsibilities from the teacher with whom they will be working as well as constructive feedback in order to continue to grow and refine their skills. This is a weekly commitment. Although you will need to make a $100 deposit to hold a spot, that will be refunded once the school year begins.


WNP: Wednesday Night Program

This is the ideal environment for our 8-12 grade students to socialize, relieve some stress midweek, and have programming that is specifically geared to the things that impact their lives the most. For the first half hour, teens have dinner, catch up with one another, play ping-pong and decompress from their days. A rotation of clergy, staff, and guest speakers lead group explorations into various topics of high interest. Students have the ability to examine aspects of day to day life, contemporary issues, and social justice through a Jewish lens in an open, accepting, inclusive environment. Participants often characterize WNP as a way to unwind from their normal pressures and they look forward to reconnecting with their friends at temple each week.


Confirmation is available to 10th-12th grade students who have not yet been confirmed.

The focus of Confirmation is to guide students at a pivotal age through an in depth identity study through the use of Jewish texts. Each session is led by a visiting rabbi who facilitates sessions on the self, God, Torah, Israel and others with a modern take. Students are privileged to have the opportunity to interface with rabbis in a very small environment while they build their identity in the world and as a Jew. The program culminates with a Confirmation ceremony at the end of the year. Half of the classes take place at Irmas Campus, and the other half at Glazer campus from 12:30-2:30 one Sunday a month.