Grade 7 (WBTYhelps)

These are especially critical years for any Jewish student. They are forced to confront the question: What does it mean to be a Jewish adult? 

As we navigate our new normal, it is our hope that Wilshire Boulevard Temple will remain a primary Jewish home away from home - a place that defines and confirms the values of living a Jewish life. 

Our program is now designed to work virtually, and in congregant homes. However, the objective of this program -- engaging students in service learning in order to form deep connections between volunteer work and the Jewish tradition -- will remain the same.

An exciting new aspect of our reimagined program is that students will be placed in small groups based on friend requests. They will experience the program as a cohort, maintaining the strong bonds of friendship made throughout religious school and at Brawerman Elementary School.

Note: Participation in WBTYhelps fulfills the requirement for the B'nei Mitzvah Tikkun Olam Project.

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