Dor L'Door

(in-home religious school)

Inspired by the lyrical K’dusha prayer L’Dor V’Dor and sensitive to your demanding lives, Wilshire Boulevard Temple is excited to announce an alternative to traditional Religious School with a program that brings our full curriculum (taught by our best teachers), right into your home: Dor L’Door.

Dor L’Door also respects that not every child learns at the same pace or has the same interests, so there is room within the curriculum to tailor the learning to the child. It is an alternative to and not a replacement for our regular religious school schedule, and Dor L’Door participants are encouraged to participate in any or all of our community activities throughout the year.

Home is where traditions are made and remembered. Since Dor L’Door comes right to your door, it connects your children and family with almost 6,000 years of history and a sense of belonging.

We invite you to discover the possibilities of Dor L’Door and what it can mean for you. Please contact the Religious School Office at 424-208-8906 or email