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Ein Meleem! Two words we hear often in Hebrew conversation to describe something—from the mundane to the extraordinary. The two words translate to “no words”; there are simply no words to describe the journey we have all been on together during these past eight months! Ein meleem!

Rather than spell out all of our challenges, accomplishments, roadblocks, joys, wins, and losses as a religious school, we will focus on the gratitude, chesed, and rachamim (kindness and compassion) we have given and received as we approach this Thanksgiving holiday. To the administrative team and our staff and teachers—whether you are teaching virtually or in a pod, joining us as clergy weekly, or once in a while—you have gone above and beyond. To the Wilshire Boulevard Temple Board, your continued belief in us and all that we try to do for our families has proven unwavering, and we are beyond grateful to you. To our parents, who realized that this was not the time to take a year off but instead to fully engage and believe that we would do everything possible to be a force for positive engagement with your children, we applaud and thank you. As we stated at the start of the year, the Jewish people have never taken a year off from adversity, plagues, war, and strife. We need our community and one another more than ever during such times.

Thanksgiving will look different this year—that is certain. Ein meleem. But our gratitude jar as a religious school is overflowing. Whether you have heard us salute you as a religious-school rock star at our weekly Sunday morning RSTV T’filah Live or not, ein meleem for the gratitude we feel for you, our supporters, and the WBT family.

Until we can be together again, as always we send each of you wishes for strength, joy, laughter, health, and the understanding that we are here for you.

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