Word on the Street

Why do our parents send their children to Religious School?

"A sense of community"

"To learn their responsibility to leave the world a better place"

"So that we feel connected to our religion"

"To feel Jewish"

"To make Jewish friends"

"Love for the holidays/traditions"

"Because it's how I grew up"

"The value of being part of a Jewish community"

"To raise authentically Jewish kids, so that they know the meaning of being Jewish"

"Life cycle events: Consecration, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Confirmation, Marriage"

"So that they learn to read Hebrew, and be part of the worldwide Jewish community"



WBT Religious School distinguishes itself by going well beyond acceptable all the way to the exceptional. Art and music create spiritual connections by eliciting experiences that touch our souls and ignite creativity of expression. If you haven’t had the opportunity to see the works of our artists or participate in one of our Religious School services, you haven’t seen our best.

Our art program, led by Tracie Waco, Rachel Olguin, and Valerie Segall, three experienced and talented artists, provides the raw materials and careful instruction with which students of all ages create projects that are sure to become treasured Jewish family heirlooms. These are not your typical popsicle stick and paper plate creations. Sukkah decorations with fabric and bark, exquisite silk tallit bags, tallitot, and wire-wrapped yads are just a few of the breathtaking works of art that our students create. Several of these projects may become integral and meaningful parts of your family’s holiday observances as well as b’nei mitzvah services. In years to come, they can be passed down to future generations.

Our service leaders and clergy captivate audience members from age two to 102. Through participation, explanation, composition, and styling, leaders celebrate Jewish philosophy and liturgy in ways that enable everyone to transcend their daily concerns and delve into the spiritual realm of joyous connection to gratitude, self-reflection, and spirituality.